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Hey all.

I have a Dell PC with a QX6850 and I tried to overclock it to 4GHz. Currently, I run it overclocked at 3.67 and it runs stable. However, I upped the clock speed to 4 just to give it a try, and when Windows goes to load, I get a bluescreen and a reboot. The PC keeps the overclock, but Windows won't boot.

Just wanna test it and see if I can get Windows up with 4GHz. Is it not possible with my setup?
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  1. Well Id love to help, but it would help if I could see the setup and the Bios settings :D

    You are doing load with Prime95 and monitoring your temps?
    Also, what is the vCore set at?
    When windows fails, doesnt boot, or the computer wont start up it generally caused by too little vCore.
  2. It's an nForce 680i SLI so I use the tools from nVidia to check my temperatures, voltages, etc.

    I attempted to overclock via the BIOS and its limited options, though I may have to do it differently? I noticed I can use nVidia's tools to overclock a bit more thoroughly. My apologies, as I'm fairly new to overclocking.

    Here's my current setup (voltages, etc @ 3.66).

    According to nTune:

    CPU is idling around 86 degrees Fahrenheit
    CPU voltage 1.3V (with a red icon beside it - I guess that's high?)
  3. That would probably be the ram. Did you set it to 1:1 fsb to ram ratio? Read the guide here on OCing if you don't understand.
  4. 1.3 volts is high? And I thought I had the record! Like an Idiot, I happily set my Vcore to 1.81250 and it happily booted into windows. Only Vdrooped to 1.78 volts, hehe! Though the cores were upper 80C on idle. Dont know how it actually booted all the way into windows. of course I hit the power button when I realized my mistake, though I prolly should have burned off a screen shot, lol!

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