can fan controller break fan?

thread says it~
i want to get a controller that fits on floppy spot or cd drive spot
or can be pci slot one

can it break the fan?
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  1. In general NO...

    Just try to get one that runs from 5 to 12 volts(its safest this way)....

    Some allow you to go lower, but this can cause a fan to stall and that can break in in the long run...

    Also don't speed control 40mm fans(or if you do never turn then down too low as they may not spin[or not start] and over the long run can break)

    If you are controlling it all the time you can start a fan at 12 and lower it below 5(i have ran my Zalman CNPS7000 @ 2.5 volts....), but when you turn off the computer and turn it on at a later time some fans will not start.....once again over a very long time not spinning the heat from the coils can break the fan.....

    Either way in 90% of cases you fans are safe
    this will fit in the floppy disk bay of a computer, but it only goes as low as 7 volts. If you fans are just a little loud then this can help quiet it down. If you are running a 90CFM fan and want to get it down to 30 or so...then you need to find one that goes down to 5volts
  2. i dont think so but it may happen, you never know
  3. I believe the opposite can happen. Or in other words, if you hook too many (daisy chain) fans to 1 controller, you could burn up or break the fan controller, rather then the fan.
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