Installing OS on a seperate partitions just for OS not main drive

On my new computer I would like to install vista on a seperate partition instead of local disk C. Is this possible?
Also, can I install multiple OS on one partition? Also, when I have to reinstall my OS, will it just erase the Data on the partition or will it erase the whole HD? And will it erase the other OS if I dual boot?

Finally, when I format a partition, will my whole drive be erased or just the certain partition?
Thanks for your help!
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  1. no to second question.
    you must install os on C:3rd question. partition.
    4th: certain partition.

    i know because i partition and reinstall a lot.
  2. So, My OS can only be installed on local disk C and it cannot be installed on a seperate partition? I dont want to install on c: because if I have to reinstall, my games and media will be wiped.

    ORRRR.... do i install just my OS on c: and make another partition and store my data there and use that as my main partition?
  3. I dual boot XP and Vista. You cannot install Vista on anything except a primary partition. I have 5 hard drives, XP on one Vista on another. Whether I am in Vista or XP the partition that OS is installed on is the C drive even though it may be the F drive while booted to the other OS.
  4. You can make another partition and install vista there. Still, Vista will see it's primary as C: Don't reinstall if you don't want to if you don't need to.
  5. I personally could not get Vista to install on the same physical drive as XP even if it was on another partition.
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