Dual 7900gs or single 8800gtx?

My buddy has two 7900gs (i think) and i have a single 8800gtx. Assuming the systems are identical which would run better in games and a benchmark program?
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  1. single 8800gtx i have one. and IT OWNS
  2. I'm betting even the GT will outperform 2 7900GS'
  3. even a single 8800GTS or HD 2900XT/Pro could outperform dual 7900GS, a GTX should have no problems.
  4. Oblivion @ 1920x1200 res, you can choose a more preferrable resolution though if you want to, but this definetly accentuates the difference in performance, especially if you really want to push the cards in DX9... the one of the most noticable differences here though, is simply the amount of gpu memory needed for good performance at that res... so an 8800GTX completely destroys it then as you can see below (200%/3x faster), at a lower res though, the difference isnt quite as drastic, because as soon as youre above 20fps, gameplay becomes much more tolerable

    7900GS in SLI vga charts:

    8800GTX in Single vga charts:

    they didnt have the 7900GS to choose from in the sli charts, but its essentially an oc'd 7800gt, so i chose 7800GTs in sli instead, for a close indication
  5. What about two of the best 7xxx series vs. an 8800gtx? (not sure which he has)
  6. Oh ill show him the chart, thanks hehe.
  7. 8800GTX beats 7900GTX SLI. SHow him this chart.

    Doesn't have SLI, but even if he thinks SLI doubles performance(untrue), you can see a 8800GTX would still be way ahead.

    Now if you want to laugh, look how the 7900GS does. Think SLI would help 20 fps match 137 fps? ;)
  8. GTX hands down. The GTXs are supreme, I wish I had enough money to get one when I built my system way back when. Now try 2 GTXs in SLI, now that's outrageous!
  9. Just felt like reviving the last thread on page 10
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