PC Hangs With Jarring Noise


I have been facing this problem from past 2 months and more, problem is my PC hangs with Jarring Sound only while gaming.

My psu went faulty last week so i replaced it and thought it wud resolve the issue but this issue is still there, after replacing with new psu this hanging reduced a bit but is still a major issue.

So please help me out with this cuz i am not able to play any games i used to play easily with this pc earlier.

my pc is old and it play only those games which it used to ran with no error before so the reason can't be that i am using specs below game requirements,may be ram faulty(no cuz i have used it to full capacity many times without gaming and freezing issue didn't happened then), could be some software conflicts or virus doing fresh install would rectify it etc, etc, pls help me tracing out the source of issue in order to resolve it as it is really frustrating.

pc specs:
p4 631 cedar mill
nividia 7300se/7200gs
1.5gb ram

please guide me.Thanks
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  1. You already listed things that could be wrong with this, install Windows on a new hard-drive, see what happens. The card could be dying, so could the power supply.
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