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Hello I have a few questions about drivers. I recently installed a EVGA GTX 560 and when I put the disk in it said its not compatible I think because I use windows 8 so instead of running compatibility mode I just installed drivers from nvidias website. I read in manual that they recommend running disk. Is it ok that I installed manually from site? Also I downloaded driver manager to check all my drivers and it said that my AMD SMBUS and Standard SATA AHCI Controller are out of date. I checked in device manager and it says they are up to date. Is there any place I can safely download them manually? And what is the best software for checking drivers and is there any free ones. I read forums and people say not to use driver checking software should I just uninstall driver manager and forget about the drivers it said were out of date?
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  1. The drivers included on the disc with your video card are essentially exactly the same as what would have been on nVidia's website around the time that card was released. You can pretty much ALWAYS use manufacturer drivers over specific vendor drivers. I'm sure somewhere there's an exception to that rule, but I can't think of one off the top of my head.

    As for driver finding/updating programs. I tend not to trust them, as I've just come across far too many people who get some kind of dubious update that hoses their system. Besides, drivers don't really need to be updated unless you're experiencing some sort of issue with the current set.
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    ^not necessary true, some update (driver/apps) bring performance increase, stability improvement, bug fix, security fix, new feature.. (but it can also introduce new bug)

    If the driver in the disk is not compatible, u had done the right thing by downloading the compatible driver directly form nvi site...

    for updating driver I'm not fully trust 3rd party apps/software.. it will much better to go to manufacturer website and dl from there... (if your mobo is gigabyte go to gigabyte site, asus to asus, etc...)

    I'm myself keep my rig and my office rig updated... (usually check for update every month/week)
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