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I have had this happen once along time ago but not to this degree. I tried to change the resolution setting on a new PC with a new 19 " LCD monitor and it went to signal out of range. I rebooted and when it booted into windows the screen went blank and I got the floating box out of range. I could boot into safe mode but could not change anything in the settings. I finally had to hook another monitor up and go into windows reset the settings and shut down. Then I hooked up the new monitor and I was able to boot in to windows with no problem. If that happens again where I can't get into windows and don't have another monitor what can be done? Thanks
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  1. I think the resolutions or the refresh rate is probably too high for the monitor when this happens. Won't booting into safe mode help?
  2. I agree, it's definately your resolution being set to high for the monitor to handle. In the past ive always gone into Safe mode and reset the reolution etc and it's always worked for me. If it doesn't work go into Safe mode and uninstall the video driver and re-boot into Windows which will reset the resolution anyway. Then re-install the driver.

    Just for the recored if you have a flat screen the refresh won't have any effect it's the architecture of flat screens. Basically it has to light the pixels rather than a CRT has a tube with a beam of light whizzing around the hogher the refresh the clearer the picture. this doesn't apply to flat screens.
  3. I have finally fixed the issue ona computer I would periodically come back to... and you won't believe how easy it actually was... It seems to be a BIOS problem... "signal out of range" with garbled screen when I just turn on the computer is the problem.. The solution:
    open your computer
    unplug it
    remove bios jumper and move to other 2 pins (there are three pins, move to the other side of the block)
    plug in
    hit the power button (nothing should happen)
    unplug computer again
    hit "on" button to drain capacitors
    move jumper back
    plug in computer
    your done...
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