Triple boot bootloader, mac windows linux ?

So I have Windows XP (NTFS) installed on my first primary partition,
Mac OS X on my second (using something called mac os journaled extended as partition format..) using iAtkos and his bootloader,

So far I can boot both XP and Mac using iAtkos's bootloader.
But I want to exceed my limits here and try to install a Linux distribution, called Fedora.

I shrinked my NTFS partition and made some free space, and I 'THINK' I correctly installed Fedora, I didn't want to delete my bootloader so I did not install the default boot loader of Fedora. Now I can see a couple partitions which I have no knowledge of so I can't really figure out whether Fedora is installed or not.

Now I googled a bit and saw I could easily edit my boot entries with EasyBCD, mac linux and windows.. is this true and fully supported? Can I rely on this software and trust it doesn't make my mac partition unusable, as that's my highest concern, because I spend a lot of time and configuration on it to make it work.

Please let me know if this is reliable software, and if I'm able to boot-up both 3 OS's with it.
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  1. Dear Pondake,

    Kindly I ask your attention.

    I don't have the experions, try here:

    And there website.

    Hopefully I let you know enough and that you will find the answers you seek!

    Good luck and have fun doing it!

    Best Regards
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