Suggest Bios settings on P5N32-E SLI. help asap pls!

my pc config is:

e6750 (box fan)
p5n32-e sli
8800gts 320mb
mice and keyboard: RAZER COOPERHEAD AND RAZER RECLUSA(regarding the bios problem at this mobo)

i would like to overclock my e6750 to 3.3 or 3.4 so i need some few and easy steps on how to do it if anyone is able to give them :)

1st of all i need a good and stable bios version which will let me o/c and have the problems with RAZER done

2nd i need a small quide on how to reach 3.3 or 3.4 speed
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  1. Wow, no one has suggested anything after all those reads? Isnt that one of the easy processors to overclock? 2.66 1333 FSB? Dont know if the VCore base settings variate on those, since I only have quads, but I would guess you dont need any change in VCore to reach 3.3 since my quads can reach 500Mhzs over their speeds without much changing of things, and no VCore.
    Uhh, I would assume any newer bios has the fix, so just read up on em for a min, and pick a stable release. Then just disable all the spread spectrum junk, and the processor features like speed step, vanderpool, disable bit, blahblah, Everyone seems to go with a 1.40 on FSB for 1600ish, unlink your memory, and set it at whatever you wanted it to be. (if yer familiar with such settings, hehe. Always safe to unlink it and leave it at what it is.) 1600 doesnt work with my P5n32esli, hehe, but it may for you!
    Basically, just up the north bridge to 1.40, and start at 1485 FSB and up it slowly from there, watching the speed as you go. I know 1485 works! Hopefully that doesnt blow your computer up!

    ::Looks around.:: I didnt say anything, what do you mean??

  2. hey, i tryed only increasing the fsb at 1600 (3.2gb)but i wouldn't boot. i tryed with 1550 (3.1gb) and i had a stable system. what else should i do ... ?
  3. Its the stinking board, they are quad OC haters. Has all sorts of holes in it. Just where it wont boot at all.
    Check this out real fast, mentions preformance and FSB holes and such at the various straps and junk!

    It helped me understand that my board sucks. Please hurry with my Maximus Formula! Waaahhh!
  4. As a matter of fact, on a whim, I saw an XFX 780i and got it last eve, havent swapped it out, but I will let ya know when I do. My 680i wont boot past 320 FSB, unless its whatever equals 1485. Got meeeee!! But I will do some testing and then go from a guess that its the board, to knowing that it was, lol!
    I'll be swapping it out some time today... Please let me take my raid array safely to the new board!!! Pwease??

  5. As Lupiron pointed out, Nvidia chipsets aren't very compatible with Intel cpus, in regards to OCing. However, it's worth a try to OC further. First read the guide here on top to get a general idea.
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