How do I get the icon at the top of the page for using smart Print

I have tried and tried through hp online help but no one has been able but to show me pages on how to use it. And uninstall and reinstall the program. But I cannot use it because no short cut at the top of the page. I am a beginner and becoming very frustrated. Can anyone PLeaseeee help me on this.
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    The OP wants to use something called Smart Print, an HP feature.

    1--What page are you referring to? the desktop? All icons on the desktop are duplicated in the start menu>All programs. They're just signs pointing to the programs and features, and can be duplicated if necessary.

    2--Tel me the printer model, and are you using XP?

    3--Go into the Start Menu>All Programs, and see if there's a manual for the printer. You can open that and read every detail for using it. It would be a .pdf file in the printer's folder. There might also be the icon you're looking for in that folder of icons.

    Get back to me.
  2. Yes I am refering to the destop. I am using hp model f 2210, Windows xp and explorer 8. I have found the smart print symbol in different places but have been unable to put it on the destop. As you may have guessed I am new at this and computer lingo sounds greek to me. I will try all that you have sent me. Thank you.
  3. Right-click it in the Progam menu, drag it to the desktop, and click "Copy here."

    You can start programs from either the desktop or program menu. They're just shortcuts, like pointers, and you can make them or eliminate ones you never use.
  4. I can find it under manage your internet exploer add ons. But it is not on my start then go to all programs
  5. I can also find it under command bar customize
  6. I think that I have finally done what hp online help was totally unable to understand. I it now on top of my internet explorer page. I found it under customize-add or remove commands. moved it to the top of the list and it moved out to where I could see it.I know that the way I am explaining this might not make sense but it is the only way I can word it. LOL!!!! Now they say it is a different pic. that you can open. This is part of smart print but looks like a leaf. that says hide or so smart print. so now all I need is the other icon. Then maybe I can finally use it.
  7. By moving that that show or hide web smart print It is now showing up where I can see it. I have never seen customize tool bar before.  Ya'll have both helped me a lot and I really appreciate it.  Now I do not feel quite so computer illerate.  I am sooo glad that I found this site and there are people out there that are willing to try to help someone out that they do not know.I actually tried it out and only printed a small pic and exactly what I wanted. Now I can work with it and keep on learning. Again Thank ya'll.
  8. Come back again next time you have a problem :)
  9. Every answer that you sent me got me closer to solving my problem. They gave me more ideas on what to try and how to solve it. I know that there are us out there that were brought up on finding answers (and how to ask the question) in basic laymen terms in books. In the computer age of now you have to know the exact way to word your problem like saying internet explorer instead of the word page. Or to think of copy and paste as more than put it on a copy machine and glue it to a page (that one took a friend I have never met in another country that I met on line about 2 weeks to get it across to me on how to do it). LOL!!!! Along the way I have met a few that are willing to help us and laugh with us (not at us) and to teach us how. Now I have found a site (oops wrong word lol!!) that also does this. Where your faith is restored that there are people that like to help people that they do not know. And all they ask in return is a simple thank you or they tell you that they were glad that they could help. I have found this in Toms Hardware. And I want to say thank you so much to the ones that helped me now and a future thank you to the ones that will try to help me in the future. This old timer really does appreciate ya'll more than you will ever know.
  10. Yes, you do need to build up the vocabulary, as in a foreign language. Hey, I never touched computer till I was 50. You can learn.

    Glad to help. Hit the BEST ANSWER button on my answer, please.
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  12. Do you have any suggestions as to books that could help me with this foreigh language. Thank you
  13. There's a series by Que with the word "Visually" in all the titles. They're large paper backs. Those books have wonderful illustrations. Microsoft also puts out a series with illustrations, called "Plain & Simple, so it's "Windows XP Plain & Simple," "Windows Vista Plain & Simple" etc. You won't find books at the bookstore any more on XP, but see what the library has.

    Also try Googling "computing for beginners." And a good magazine for you would be Smart Computing.
  14. Thank you. I am going to spend my next day off checking all of these out.
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