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Dear Administrators,
Please let me know if this is done properly as I found the answer to a very common, albeit very difficult to solve issue that I happen to know personally many veteran site members are unable to assist in fixing. You might even consider putting this somewhere it can be viewed by all as this is a program/feature that will be gaining speed as fast as just about anything else, it inolves extracting singular or multiple rar files with a compressed ISO inside and extracting that to become an ISO image file ready to burn immediately on a certain popular game console. I don't even know if I'm permitted to say which one or what has to be done to the console to play your game disc. Rather than accidentally breaking some rule, I'll leave this information out until you admin guys tell me what I'm allowed to say, If it's permissable, please tell me so others may find this "tutorial" easier. Sorry if this is too long, but I wrote it for Newbies by a Newbie and since I've needed baby steps to fix this myself, I wrote it using baby steps. No Daemon Tools, no shareware or inadequate freeware (though he kindly accepts donations) , no "trial" sized proggies which only give you 300MB to try, see if a game or movie you want can be done with 300MB! Nothing like MagicISO or PowerISO necessary, just one simple yet amazing download and a basic understanding of your own computers file associations. So often they are essentially "hijacked" by the proggies you'll surely try to use to fix this problem. Download one or several of these and you'll be opening every file on your PC with a different program you don't need, and of course, compounding your troubles. The name of this program is ISO Recorder by Alex Feinman, find it here courtesy of TitusEFX
Not only does it take zero skill to use as it runs in the background, but it does many of the things the previously mentioned proggies do without having to study a tutorial you won't understand anyway. Well maybe you will if you have 3 days to learn how they work, me, I've got a family! Here's what happened to you, or some version of this: You find a file you want on your favorite site, say a video game for example. You're like me and you have a little boy who likes the sound of rubbing his game disks together, scratching them beyond repair. I have a commercial grade very pricey disk repair machine that can't even fix some of his work. So I make a backup disk (this is not a tutorial on stealing files, I do not condone piracy, nor does this website). So you find a game, download it to your PC and you get say 8 rar files of 500MB each. You right click on it, and tag "extract here using Winrar (I am not aware of Winzip or 7rar able to do this), then you have one file that should be a disc image of the ISO. In a perfect world you will have an icon of a shiny silver disk on your desktop ready to burn, you don't need us. But what if you get only 1 file of 4000MB ad it's still a rar file? You'll research it and be told by every expert around, just extract further, right click and all your troubles are over. Nope! Now you have a file that can't be executed any more, you can't extract it and if you burn it, hello coaster. Every kind soul (and rude putz) will tell you that you did something wrong. I know differently! I believe you speak enough English to understand "right click/extract here", they will not believe you. So you start to question your own sanity "am I really this dense?" First you'll try other files, maybe it's a bad "rip", but you know that's not it. you see all the "thank you, great game" comments. Then you'll redo the instructions you've been given and make 4 more coasters. Then, realizing the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing expecting different results is madness, you forge out on your own. You read every article with the words "ISO and RAR" on the internet, all 88 million, 500,000. (that's a real number, I dare you to solve it this way). You'll watch every Youtube video tutorial, most made by 12 year old British schoolboys who ought to be outside playing Cricket, not making tutorials at a sound level Superman couldn't pick up. Then you stumble over this, someone as lost as I was and he has the answer, God doesn't hate me! First, delete all the silly proggies you tried that messed up your file associations, don't delete the icon on your desktop, that's like having a box of Rattlesnakes in your house and just getting rid of the lid. Download Revo uninstaller and remove them with that like all the pros do. Choose the "moderate" removal, the in depth one is too deep for us and you don't need it. The traces it leaves behind in your Registry are not important. They are there so when you load their proggie back up, they can load up your "preferences" quicker, they want to impress you if you return so you'll stay this time. So now you've removed all the silly ideas you've tried in vain. let's fix your file associations. In Vista go to "start/default programs/and choose the first option about file associations/Winrar archiver/choose defaults for this program and make them all Winrar except iso which you want Imgburn/Save. Next go to Imgburn/choose default/ISO and make that Imgburn (which it probably already is), Save and restart your PC. Go to the files you downloaded, if you have multiple rar files still, right click the first one and save here. Note, if you already did that and the 8 files made one big file, now you'll have 9, that 9th file will have an Imgburn icon, (though it will be on top now in position one) That's your baby, slap a DVD-R disc in the drive, preferably Verbatim, quality is very, very important here, cheap discs will fail! A page will pop up asking what you want to do to that disc, just "X" out of that, here's where you can do what all the experts were telling you that you didn't do right, right click on it, set your speed to 2X, one is better but I'm impatient and don't want to wait 90 min for a disk so you can either do it at 1X and go to bed or use 2X and hope you get a good burn and "Voila", you just burned a perfect ISO image file. Please note, I'm no expert, I'm barely a novice, what I am good at is I have made every mistake you'll ever make and I'm very good about never quitting anything until I succeed, and I always pay my way so I'm here to tell you what I learned without insulting you, I'm here to give back the time that was so freely given to me by others and I'm here to share what worked for me. Will it work for you? I surely hope so, and I believe it will. If any step was confusing feel free to ask how I did it, any question I can't answer I'll refer you to the real experts on this site that may be able to take you the last 5 yard that I wasn't able to. I will now go to my Paypal account and donate to Alex Feinmans account, remembering how much even one damaged disc would cost me if I didn't benefit from his hard work, if it does the same for you, I encourage you to thank him the same way and to always promote this wonderful site and respect the rules, even if you get scolded for breaking them by accident, just part of growing up on your PC. I hope this helped at least some of you and thank you for reading my diatribe.
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