weird display problems

my comp has worked fine with no problems for a while then all of a suden when i load windows i get a " no signal " from my monitor ( Acer 22" lcd ). If i remove my dvi cable then plug it back in i get video back but is showing up as non pnp monitor and stuck at 1024 by 768 for my max resolution. if i load in safe mode it works rite away without disconnecting. i've tried changing drivers, formating and reinstalling vista but no luck.

any help would be appreciated
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  1. just tried swaping my 8800gts with my old x1900 aiw and its still doing it
  2. I think that leaves it down to either the monitor or the cable.

    Do you have another computer you can hook the monitor up to.
  3. Remove drivers and clean them with DriverCleaner then reinstall
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