Vista won't boot after virus, can't get into safemode, what to do?

Hey guys so after downloading a torrent I got a virus which faked itself as Windows Security Center, "Vista Security 2011 - unregistered"

I ran Malwarebytes and it found 100+ infections, and it removed most of them and asked me to restart to completely remove the rest.

Upon restarting, I got stuck on my Biostar's "hardware monitor" screen which Vista usually loads up right after.

I booted the Vista CD and it won't detect my OS partition to give me any repair options.

I've also tried restarting multiple times, have unplugged all unneeded peripherals, replugged and reseated all my hardware, and have removed the mobo battery for 5min.

It seems my only option may be to reformat, but if anyone has any other advice it would be greatly appreciated. (And a side question regarding reformatting - would my raid set up be detected by the newly reformatted operating system? Or am I sacrificing everything from my primary drives and secondary raid drives?)

Thanks, and I'll be on these forums waiting via my smartphone to answer questions and provide any additional information.
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  1. I have encountered this fake vista security before and it is best just to reformat!

    This type of fake software comes bundled for free with many torrents!

    Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Your raid should still be detected if you reinstall the OS!
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