Slow computer, how to fix it?

Recently, My computer running slow. I'm sure this is not a virus. I have just finish virus scan with AVG.
I find CPU useage reach 100% when I just run 2 small programs.
How can I speed up my slow PC? How to make my computer fast? If you have any idear to solve slow PC, please advice.
Thanks. :sweat:
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  1. Withought knowing your cpu type/speed, amount of ram, gpu ram and how much harddrive space you have left makes it a little difficult to troubleshoot.
    Quite a wide range of things can be interfering. Could be hardware/software related.
    Also all the programs which run on startup can make an impact, those ones you find next to the time, bottom right corner of your screen. You can right click the ones you don't really need running at the time and close them down. They won't be gone the next time you boot up they'll reactivate themselves again
  2. CCleaner and other similar tools. There are tons of them for free.
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