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Having issues with my SB Audigy Platinum 1, I'am getting distorted pluses in games, or playing musik , (not on cd drive), it seems to go away, then reappear for no reason at all...??? The other odd thing is that i cant install the latest drivers on the website, it tells me that the old install/setup is still running which its not even after i restarted it tells me this!? This driver issue happened on another pc that this was installed on before also...i tierd the sb site forums with no luck..
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling the current drives and Creative software and then installing the new drives. I'm done with Creative after my Audigy 2 started acting up and a lot of people around hear seem to have problems with their Creative cards. Fortunately, there are some good alternatives
  2. yes of course, but i never, EVER had this issue until, that card was out of the pc for year or so, then added to a different pc, tried another pcs to no luck, btw is there a app that would clean then all out? the drivercleaner from driverheaven, i use awhile back but it not free now..and i cant seem to fine creative has one.
  3. CCleaner has a registry cleaner as well as cleans out temp files, etc and esuing registry cleaner is good and both are free. After deleting everything, take out the card, start the computer, and then reinstall it. Check the Creative downloads, sometimes companies will put up an uninstall program to clean everything but don't know if Creative does
  4. No they dont have a cleaner, as for cc, use reg mechanic, and my own batch files to clean out temp files, and i know where to look in regedit to delete stuff that lingers after uninstall.
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