680i (cant use qx9650)

well later today i found out that the intel qx9650 proc. is not supported by the 680i mobos.
lol before i knew this my friend that im building a comp for put an order for the striker extreme and the 9650.
anyone know if this is temporary? and a bios update will fix the issue or are we going to have 2 order a new mobo.
also if **** hits the fan is the 6850 just as good as proc>
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  1. See this thread for more info...


    Who knows if it will only be temporary...
  2. Quote:
    Of course Intel will require a new chipset for the new processors, which will piss off a lot of people. It will probably be X48.

    And OF COURSE it's Intel's fault that nVidia hasn't updated nVidia's chipsets to run the new processors. Never mind that all of the chipsets released by Intel in the last year *DO SUPPORT THE NEW CHIPS*. Because, after all, Intel is responsible to provide free Research, Devlopment, and Engineering support to the world.

    But no... The proper course of action is to send a bug F.U. to Intel because they didn't re-engineer nVidia's shipset.

    Seriously, "Mrs" B - Your anti-Intel spew is getting really, really old.
  3. so will there be a bios fix?
  4. Most likely all thats need is a bios cpu micro code up date for the qx9650 to work. the best thing to do would be to check your motherboard manufacturers web site to see if they have and updated bios that supports the qx9650. You might need to email tech support to get this information.

    I hope this has helped and wish you luck, without knowing who's motherboard you have and it's model number, I don't think I can be of further help at this time.
  5. kk thx for the info i will try 2 do that
    while im doing that anyone find any info for bios update, also this is a new build so will it let me instal vista so i can update the bios?
  6. http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us well i found this but not sure if this 1305 supports it there was also one assded today but was a flash tool
  7. also if the bios does work how would i update it if the driver that is installed ist not going to work with the qx9650 will i be able to install vista then update drivers? (have no floppy drive)
  8. well whats going to give better performance 2 8800GT with 6850 on striker extreme or 9650 on maximus extreme with 2 3870's
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