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Making a completely new build... help/suggestions needed! ^_^

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November 4, 2007 1:56:32 AM

I'm building a completely new computer, everything but the monitor and the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headphones). I've never built a computer before, but I've been reading up on everything the internet has to offer and have a decent knowledge of the market right now. On that note, I have absolutely no intention of waiting for the Phenom line, the Penryns, or ATI's 38xx series. I'm plenty happy with the offerings right now, and I want to be ready to play Crysis. ^_^

If it isn't clear enough already, this is strictly a gaming machine. Just making sure that that's clear. =)

Power Supply: --- This really looks good. I don't plan on going SLI, so this looks like a perfect fit.

Case: --- I'll take your recommendation on this one. ^_^

MoBo: --- Cheapest all-solid-capacitor P35 I can find.

Processor: --- Quad Core. Not much else to say here. =)

Memory: --- Finally found a great deal on memory! At $55, 2 of these minus the $20 MIR will cost $90. Money saved. ;) 

Hard Drive: --- I just like Western Digital, and 320GB has a great $/GB ratio.

Video Card: --- I don't want to overclock the card myself, so I went with this one. The KO edition isn't worth $10 more and the $20 for the SSC version is just too much of a price premium. This seems like plenty.

Sound Card: --- Yes, it's Creative, but I like Creative, I'm still running a Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit.

OS: --- 64-bit, Home Premium, looks fine.

Any help or even just a comment would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to buy soon, but as you can see, I still have quite a few critical decisions to make.

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November 4, 2007 6:50:58 AM

Aw, common guys, 15 views and not a single comment? I know you can do better than that. ;) 
November 4, 2007 7:18:10 AM

OS: Stick to the Home Premium

X-Fi Xtreme Gamer would do fine

Would change the mobo to the P35-DS3R

The rest looks pretty nice
November 4, 2007 8:54:39 PM

Updated a lot of stuff...

Decided that a Creative Audigy would be fine, don't really want to spend more money on an X-Fi. 64-bit home premium will do, and I managed to find 4 GBs of RAM for $90! I don't really need the DS3R's additional stuff, so I'm fine with the DS3L.