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I just got my 8800gt last week, and of course the first thing I did was run some benchmarks on it... starting with 3dmark01. For some reason it stutters really bad on the second test (framerate drops as low as 9 fps on 1 part of the "high quality" truck game demo (second test)) This is the worst place I've noticed it. I play quake4 alot, and it does the same type of stutter sometimes, but mostly the game is playable, but annoying when it lags. I updated to the latest driver on evga's website and still have the same problem. I'm wondering if anyone else with this card is having similar issues. I score an 8200 in 3dmark06 (a little low, but consider my processor), so I know the card has the ability to play quake4 with NO issues at all. I'm kind of wondering if I'm having an issue with the chipset on my mobo. I had HUGE lags when I ran the quake 3 timedemo (I know an old one, but it was having similar stutter issues) but when I updated to the latest bios along with the new chipset drivers (for my mobo), everything on this game smoothed out. Unfortunately the other games I play still have the annoying stutter. My old x800gto could play q4 without any lag at all, I just had to turn the shadows off.

do you think I got a bad card, or just a driver issue? I'm going to go home in the next couple of weeks for thanksgiving, so I think I'm going to install it in my brother in law's computer to see if his has the same issue.

system specs
3800+ x2 ocd 2200mhz (I tried running these tests without overclocking and still had the same problems)
2x1gb kingston ddr2 667
startech 400W PSU (I know this is weak, but it has a 15A and 14A 12V rail vor 12V1 and 12V2) Claims it can run 29 amps on the 12V rail so I think it's good enough and EVGA calls for 22A on 12V rail, so I think I'm fine here.
Tforce6100 am2 nforce 410
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  1. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=108088

    According to this your ps isnt very good. Could be the reason its not working since your kind of on the edge, not positive though.
  2. You need a new psu, I doubt it's 29amps.
    29x12=348w on the 12v (out of 400w)?
    Tier 5 psu running a 8800GT?
  3. Dont listen to those guys.
    The 8800GT actually IS a $h!t card. Sry but its tru.
    Tell u what tho, cos im such a nice guy, i'll swap u for my gts320 since i dont game much :p
  4. Two things, one is your shady PSU brand, second you CPU is a little bit of a bottleneck. The 8800GT 512MB is da bom!
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