Best way to increase drive size on RAID1 with Intel Matrix

I currently have Intel 82801FR SATA RAID controller with 2x120g hdd, using RAID 1, and I want to upgrade it to 2x500g hdd. I purchased 2 WD 500 Caviar GP SATA drives and am not sure how to proceed. If I take out one of the 120's, and replace it with a 500 and all the array to rebuild, I'll only have 120 capacity, right? So will this process work?

Break the array by disconnecting the 120 on port 2. Replace with the 500. Use Norton Ghost 10 to do a drive copy of the existing 120 to the 500 using the full capacity. Next take out the 120, and moving the 500 up to port 1, adding the remaining 500 to port 2, and rebuilding the array that way? I do have a ghost image of the current 120 on a removable hdd, but don't see how to get that to work. Any advice?

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  1. your best solution is to backup that 120GB of data, build a new array with those 2 500GB drives and copy the data to the new array. When its copied over you can delete the old 120GB array.
  2. can I do that without having to reinstall the OS and all other apps? I don't think I have a free SATA port, just the two with the RAID1
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