How many fans to one PC?

I've searched this forum and google and alot of places but I cant seem to find a simple awnser. So can someone tell me what is the limit to fans as to one motherboard? I cant find any type of adapters either so I'm completely lost. I am discouraged as to trying to build a pc if I cant even figure out a simple question like that... I know there are pin connectors but whatabout when you run out of those...and how about Fan Speed Controllers...where do you install those at? I'm planning to go with this motherboard
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  1. Typically there are 3 on the motherboard. I is used for the CPU fan, one for a case fan, and then an auxillary for another fan. It's looks like the auxillary is being use for a fan on the motherboard (circle shaped thing above the SATA ports).

    You can hook up a fan controller and run fans independent of your motherboard. You can also power fans directly from your power supply and they will run whenever your computer is on.
  2. How would I connect more fans going to the Power Supply, Mod or adapter and would I be able to hook those up with my fan speed controller? a sample picture maybe?
  3. Don't worry about it, SkateFam.

    There are plenty of fan connections available. Some are on the motherboard so your system can monitor them and you should be able to hook up enough fans to the power supply so you can fly it around the room if you want to. LOL

    The smaller 3 or four pin connectors are for the motherboard. The larger 3 pin connectors are for the power supply connections. You can typically hook up more than one fan per connector on the power supply leads. Also, if you have a fan with the smaller connector that would go on the motherboard you can get an adaptor to hook it to the power supply leads. Most fans with the smaller connector will come with an adaptor.
  4. that really sounds fairly simple. But Helpful! well now Ima go look for adapters.. I was really stressing out about this..I'm still kinda lost as to how a fan looks connected to a psu....I've seen sites where you have to take off something about female ports from a hard drive then rewire something about your fan.....
  5. The motherboard fan limit is one fan per 3-pin header on the motherboard. In your case it looks like a total of 3; CPU, northbridge and 1 case fan. These fan headers often have through BIOS the ability to vary their voltage (and thus fan speed) for quieter operation at low load/heat levels. Some motherboards offer as many as 6 fan headers.
    These are small, 3-pin (some CPU headers are small 4-pin) connections and the fans you use must either have matching connectors or an adapter.
    Connecting a fan directly to the power supply will require a 4-pin Molex plug. This is the same type of power connector used by optical drives and older hard drives. They will be running at full 12 volt speed and will likely be fairly loud.
    A fan speed controller is simply a group of potentiometers mounted to a plate which varies voltage, just like a light dimmer in your home. They can mount either in an optical drive bay, a floppy bay, an expansion card slot cover or even just taped to the case. It depends on the design of the controller you buy.
    Unless you are doing something unusual, the one available header left on the motherboard hooked up to an exhaust fan in the upper rear of your case should be sufficient to keep your system cool.
  6. I like this forum its really helping out,

    Ok I want to put that motherboard into this Case

    the thing about the case is that it comes with 2 side fans (80mm), 1 Top fan (80mm), and one rear Fan(120mm)

    It has room for one more in the front and since I want to keep this case as cool(in temp) as it can be, I want to add this Fan would the mobo be able to handle it? Would I be able to control every single fan's speed?
    If needed here the PSU I'm planning to go with the setup

    You're right vaker5

    I am sorta new to this but thank you for helping
  7. Rosewill's are crap antec thermaltake corsair or ocz make decent power supplies.
  8. SkateFam you sure seem to like bright blue bling.
    Your case choice will be flashy but noisy.
    Do not get a Rosewill power supply under any circumstances.
    Vaker5's choices are good. You can add Enermax, FSP and Seasonic to the list of options as well.
  9. Ok I updated the link to A better psu and it comes with rebate too...but my main question was will I be able to fit all those fans from the case with my computer plus the extra one in the front?
  10. Case fans will come with 4 pin 12v molex connectors, or 3 pin fan connectors, possibly with both. You can connect as many of the molex connector fans to the psu as you want. The 3 pin fan connectors can be connected to the mobo, where they can be speed controlled with appropriate software. The mobo connectors will have limited amperage capacity, so it's best not to connect more than one, or possibly two to a single header. A cpu fan will have a 3pin or 4pin connector; C2D stock coolers have 4pin types. You can connect either a 3 pin or 4 pin fan to either a 3-pin or 4-pin header. If they don't match, don't worry, one pin will be unused, and the fan will run 100% all the time.
  11. =] I'm beginning to understand that The fan controllers you place in those expansion bays are for the fans that cant connect to the mobo anymore...? and for the one's placed on the motherboard they can be controlled by software..??
  12. If you need more information on the MSI K9N4 SLI-F board here a link: Manual:

    The board takes four fan but the picture shows 1 is being use by North Bridge so your down to 3. 1 for CPU, SysFan1 = PSU fan, and SysFan2 = Chasis fan.

    If you need to add more fan you need to buy a FAN Controller. Here how's one look like:

    Depends on what brand and models you buy setup is pretty much the same but check the manufactures for instructions before buying. That'll help your installation alot better. In any case they come with instruction anyway.

    Hope this help.
  13. I think the fan controller units are more for centralizing the fan controls, and for bling. Some cases, like Antec come with fans that have a lo-med-hi switch. You can also buy or make fan cables that will lower the voltage from 12v to 7v or 5v which will lower the speed. If a fan is too noisy, and you don't need the cooling, then you might want to lower the speed. You could get a zalman fanmate if you had a fan you wanted to adjust. I find that once set, I never touch the speeds again, so a front mounted unit is not very useful to me.
  14. Thank you everyone but Rexter tops it off! Thank you now I get it...but when you say check manufactures for instructions. do you mean that they'll show on how to connect the extra fans? even if the case fans would be the ones that have to go to the mobo and the extra fan I want is a four pin molex? I'm sorry if I dont make sense but I'm still new
  15. Some fans comes with either 4 pins Molex connector like those on DVD drives (uses 2 to 3 wires red and black for power and yellow for controler) or Molex 3 to 4 pins like those on CPU fans they all called Molex connectors it just different types.
  16. Okay thank you for your help last question...=P if your fan you wanna add has the 4 pin connector...not the big molex one for dvd drives.... but your fan speed controller has only 3 pim connectors it's okay to plug it in?
  17. Sorry I didn't bookmark this page, The 4 pins are negative, positive, speed control, and temp sensor. If you are connecting it to 3 pins you need to connect the negative black, Positive Red, and Speed Controller Yellow.
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