Random BSOD? Passing Prime95 with flying colors??

Ok...this is driving me nuts. Here's the system:
Asus P5E (601 BIOS) MB
Q6600 G0
2g Crucial Balistics DDR2-800 (PC-6400)
Corsair PS HX-620
Zalman 9700
all stuffed in a GT1000

Now for my settings:
CoreV 1.31875
CoreSp 3006.5
Multi (9X)
FSB 333
Rated FSB 1333

5:6 and tried both 4-4-4-12 and 5-5-5-15 @2T and 2.2v

Only reason for not overclocking the mem is I'm not really sure how high is too high.
PCI is fixed at 100mhz...SStepping disabled, Vanterpool Disabled, and CPU and PCI Spread Spectrum Disabled.
I run Prime95 for hours...passes everytime and all at under 55C on the hottest cores at low fan speed.
I've run every program i have during and after prime95...then all of a sudden, after a closeing an app...outta the blue...BSOD...relating to mem. How is it I can run the hell out of it and it crashed doing nothing??? Says bad cmos check sum on reboot...along with Overclock failed? I reset the settings in the BIOS to stock and reboot..back to normal :pfff: I'm lost here guys...any help would be greatly appreciated:D

oh...and forgot to meantion that this clock works for a few boots...then has that random BSOD..wierd
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  1. Did you stress test using the Prime95's blend test for 8hours?

    If you have Load Line Calibration enabled, you might want to disable that for now.
  2. yup...ya know what's funny...stress testing as I speak...but I must be really tired...I set the mem at 667mhz @5-5-5-15 (1:1 ratio) Maybe that could be my problem...that original 5:6 at 400mhz might have been a bit much...basically overclocking it when I thought it wasn't...duh...I'll chime in with the results after a bit:) Thanks for your fast reply and if it fails again...I'll try the Load Line Disable...one step at a time:D
  3. crap...got an error with in a second...using blend hardware fail (Mem)
  4. reset the ram to auto everything and so far so good. Can't figure it out...my mem was set a 4-4-4-12 @2.2v 667/800mhz according to factory specs...but i get errors. When it's at I'm assuming from cpu-Z 1.8v and 5-5-5-18 and 800mhz...it works like a champ??? Nothing has changed...still 3005.1 /1.31825v at the CPU and a 1335ish FSB. Hope this does it.
  5. Ran Prime95 for 8hrs on blend, round off checking...perfect! Surfing the web....started AIM Express...bam! BSOD...IRQ switching??? I have not a clue what the hell this board is doing. I just want a reliable 3.0ghz clock....that's it! Someone please help! Should I be setting my FSB to NB Strap to 333 instead of auto? I know that the FSB should be set for 333 and my Mem at 667...what am i missing?
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