HELP! advice please.

INTEL Q6600 -$280
2 GB crucial DDR2 800 CAL. 4 -$50
PNY or XFX 8800GT -$270


I read at pny's website that the 8800GT requires 26 amps on the 12v rails and this has it.

Any other suggestions?
I already have a case, display hard drive etc.
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  1. nope no way that will cover it
  2. At stock speeds the 450w unit will be fine. You may want more headroom IF you plan to overclock. Energy demands really go up, as do cooling needs when overclocking.
  3. Well, considering the 8800GT only consumes 204W at full load according to a VR-Zone review, and the Q6600 will at most 102W at full load on all 4 cores, but that is on the older B3 stepping that uses more power. That is still only 306W maximum load, using an older Q6600. Even with some overclocking, a 450W should be fine as a moderately overclocked GO Q6600 should use a bit more then a standard B3. So unless you are running like 8 hard-drives that all spin up at the same time, you should be fine.
  4. I agree with Newf that PSU is pretty much border line for that rig
    Id suggest this one its like $40 more but its an awesome unit and will leave you with heaps of headroom
  5. The PSU that you suggested has multiple 12v rails. Is it possible for 26a to go through one of the rails or do you plug up two of the 12v rails into the card?
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