Browser crashes when I try to save photos from anywhere

Hello, I can't get any photos saved to my computer. I also can't get a photo already on my computer to upload to a website. This is recent and driving me crazy.
1.rebooted computer
2. reset firefox
3.ran a full system scan
4.have not started in safe mode because im not able to stop doing my job because of this
5. facepalmed
6. cried
please help.
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  1. Are you using the latest version of Firefox?

    Is so, then go into Add-ons and disable anything you do not recognize and try again.
  2. Type about:config into your address bar and press enter.

    In the search box, search for and reset it so that it points to your desktop
    Then search for and also reset it to your desktop

    If this fixes the problem then it is likely that a file in the directory it was pointing to before was corrupted. This happened on my old hard drive, which was an indication of the drive slowly failing. That may not be the cause in your circumstance, just something to think about though.
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