How to position a Zalmans 9700NT

I am considering a purchase of Zalmans 9700NT to replace the Freezer Pro 7. Hoping to improve the temperatures.

I am using a P5E-WS, Q6600-GO in a P182 case. Currently, the fan of the Freezer Pro 7 is facing the back of the PC. My temperatures are 38-40C Idle and 57-60C load.

With the 9700NT, how should I position the fan? Facing the front, back , top or bottom?
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  1. Back is nice, like the pic in the link. If you don't have a fan on the back, you might want to do it up, towards the PSU.
  2. In my Antec-182, since the PSU is at the bottom, I do have 2 fans at that top corner, one on top and one on the back panel.
  3. Either way, you won't notice much difference, if any.
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