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Hello! I was recently coming into to contact with an issue to where no matter what I do, this family ends up installing hordes of applications that are ridilled with viruses. I am getting tired of going over every week to clean 30~ applications off and speeding up their pc again even if I am getting paid.

Therefore I ask for help to see if anyone knows of some FREE software that I heard of back in my college days for computers. The application basically was installed on a freshly installed OS. From there the application kept an image of that version of the PC, so that EVERYTIME that exact computer was shut off or restarted, the computer would always within a couple minutes start into that image again and scrapping the old image of the applications and files that made have been added/removed/changed. The application I'm trying to describe I believe my teachers priced for me around 3,000$? So I am hoping there is a free application that can somewhat ease my issue with this household.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Look at Steady State from MS. It's for XP but other things can be done for Vista and 7.

    It's free, basically, any changes made to the computer are wiped at logoff. This includes anything put in Favorites, My Documents, etc... though so you'd have to see what needs to be done to maybe exclude those areas.
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    Deep Freeze:

    It's not free (Standard version < $40) but is well proven.
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  4. Hey that is still better than the product I new about from school! lol that was I believe around 3,000$? for less than 40$ though, I can afford that to keep my hassles down. Thanks bubblehead!
  5. Hm, didn't show your reply right away hang-the-9. I will definitely check both of these applications out. Thank you both very much for the help, and I'm glad it was a lot cheaper than what I previously thought.
  6. For 3k it was probably an enterprise level application for computer management.
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