Saving/gathering data off an old IDE hard drive that used XP

I recently bought a usb IDE HD adapter in an attempt to get data from it. The original motherboard died after 8 years of hard use & I would like to recover the pictures, music & documents on the old HD. Using my current laptop (with Vista for OS) I get the message that access is denied. Anyone have any suggestions for retrieving the data manually?
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  1. Did you set the exterior HD as a slave?
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    I suspect that your files were made Private in your user account settings in XP. This is the bane of computer techs.
    You will have to take ownership of the files on your old hard disk as an administrator on your Vista Computer. To do this, you will have to right-click on the drive letter assigned to the old drive and select the Sharing and Security Option, then Under the Advanced Section you can select the Owner tab and take ownership of the files on the drive. I don't have a Vista machine handy to check, but in XP if you are using the Home version, you can only find the Security and Owner options while in safe mode. XP Pro can perform this task in Normal Mode. This may also apply to Vista. Taking ownership of the files and folders on your old drive will then allow you to access and copy those files you need.

    Let me know if you have trouble with this and I will get myself in front of a Vista computer to verify the proper steps (if they differ from XP).

  3. You hit the nail on the head. It's available to change the ownership regularly rather than needing to go into safe mode. Thank you. . . I'll snag the files & wipe this puppy to use as a backup storage device. It's too loud currently (whines like a stuck pig) to keep running all the time, but you saved me a lot of time & frustration with this reply.
  4. Good to hear it!

    Just don't put too much faith in that whining drive as a reliable backup device!!!!
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