Silverstone TJ-10 and PSU cable lenght

I ordered Silverstone TJ-10 case and after long reading and searching decided on these PSUs:

Corsair CMPSU 620HX
SeaSonic M12 SS-700HM
Enermax Infiniti EIN720AWT
Gigabyte Odin GE-S800A-D1

they are all modular, and because PSU in TJ-10 mounted on the bottom of the case, I need to know in which PSU the lenght of modular cables will be sufficient to reach all components.

My system: QX6850 or QX6600, 2xHD - WD150gb + Seagate 750gb, 2xDVD+Rom, 8800GT or GTX, Azuntech Preludia, 2gb memory DDR2/3. May be light O.C. for GTX/GT and QX in future, so I'll may be need some futue proof PSU (or for more powerful videocard and may be third harddrive in future).

P.S. Why Gigabyte Odin PSU neglected by reviewers and not very popular? From readings specs it seems like very nice PSU. Problem with quality/ They mobos are very nice.
Also - any other suggestions on PSU?

Thank you!
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  1. You will most likely run into problems with the 8pin AUX power cable. I have the Silverstone TJ09 and I had to purchase an extension piece to be able to reach the AUX plug in on the top of the board. All the rest of the plugs should reach with no problem.
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