I need help... spyware killed the cat

I have spyware and I can't get rid of it.
Can someone tell me what information you need?

BSOD all the time in Normal Windows Mode


I got the BSOD after I downloaded some game from Torrentz, then it took control of some of my machine and started going on weird underage website things... (very disgusting) then it installed a Javascript thing, didn't even ask for permission, and now there is spyware throughout my system. Every Google link I click on redirects me to some annoying "test your IQ level!" + "buy an IPad now for free!" etc...
Besides, if I run on normal mode I get a BSOD the minute I log on to my Admin account, or any account that is. The error codes are:
I didn't install any new drivers.
I tried to install anti-spyware and Microsoft-endorsed AntiVirus programs, but since I am on Safe Mode with Networking, Installing a program is forbidden.
This sucks lots.
I need someone to help me.
I have a Laptop and a PS3 if that helps?
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  1. http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?p=5400133

    according to your previous thread it was related to a corruption script designed to destroy your explorer shell. I've seen this same issue way too many times... The only way to revert back since it is capable to deleting your system restores is doing a full reinstall of your operating system.

    Keep in mind downloading torrents is very dangerous if your unaware of the people that post them. 70% or more are viruses or other harmful products.
  2. I would try superantispyware to see what it picks up for trojans/spyware/malware/adware. Although if its that far gone i cant think of a better way to get to a good stable point then to just reformat. Once its that deeply infected it might be hard to tell what it is and how to fix it.
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