DIY LED printer renewal guys help!

This is for those with a little experience in DIY LED/Laser printer renewal or just LED/laser printer technology in general.

I just picked up a kyocera FS3500 for free, and I like the printer since it is much faster than my HP 4L. The printer has printed 130000 pages, so it really needed a cleaning. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned it thourogly and assembled it again (took me about 5 hours). Now the printer prints a lot nicer, but I think it can be better, considering the relatively nice appearence of critical parts (they really dont look as if the printer has printed 130000 pages. Perhaps at some point, some of the parts were replaced). Anyway the printout is uneven. The printout is weaker towards the left side than the right. Nothing happens if I adjust the big green potentiometer inside the printer (I assume this has something to do with contrast). Any suggestions? Does anybody have a service manual? (Then please scan it and mail it to me :smile: )
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  1. Tricky. I worked with LED printers at OKI a while back. Faded print on one side could be caused by anything from an ageing drum unit, through the drum charging circuits, to the LED array itself (not forgetting a damaged unit causing internal light exposure).

    If Kyocera's service manuals are anywhere near as bad as Oki's, they wont help. Sorry.
  2. Thanks for the input. Somehow I expected this. However, perhaps this is the 'common error caused by component X' type of malfunction. Guess not. Well, thats alright. After all it has printed 130000 pages.

    This user-accessible potentiometer I mentioned, is that common for LED printers? I cant remember that Ive ever seen a laser printer with anything similar. Is it possible that it is used for contrast adjustment or could it be something else?

    PS: Love your user name :smile:
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