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I just recently received a dell inspiron 560s from a friend. I tried to play minecraft with it and it said bad graphics card. So i would like to get a new graphics card for it and also some more memory/RAM and a new processor while i"m at it. I understand this computer is about 4-5 years old so its hard to find the right parts for it. The problem is I have no idea which processors and graphics cards are compatable with it and which ones are not.

here are the specs:
Intel(R) Pentium dual cpu e2140 @1.6ghz 1.2 ghz processor
im not sure what graphics it has but i know its integrated
not sure what mother board it has either... possibly upgradeable?

any help on what to purchase for it would be greatly appreciated
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  1. and of course no one helps
  2. zwar098 said:
    and of course no one helps
    I am currently doing the exact same with reg to upgrading Insperon530s that my Big sis just passed on to me as she has just gotten one of those god awful all in one combo jobs. It was in a hell of a mess as my niece and nephew were downloading god knows what and it had picked up a load of viruses. Done a full system restore and have recently finished installing all the required updates etc. On to the good bit; well I am a big MMO player and game of choice is Lord of the Rings Online. My main PC died a horrible yet unexplained death recently leaving me only with my e-machines E732Z laptop to game..not ideal but it has taken on the role of main PC very well indeed but however not good enough. So being a little strapped for cash I have decided to upgrade the Insperon530s, now at first I thought it was going to be a pain with the slim case and very low power (psu) but after a little research on-line this isn't the case and have upgraded the memory to 3gb via two ddr2 1gb sticks to run with the two ddr2 500mb sticks already in place(max for vista). Also I found a nice amd radeon 1gb videocard with a low profile bracket and its running a dream. I am enjoying LotRO at the second highest settings and have a decent frame rate of well over 60fps and got both the above upgrades for under £80. I am one happy kitten! On your comments about upgrading the processor to be honest mate if your finding you need to upgrade that well you would perhaps be best going the whole hog and building yahself a nice new rig. Hope you manage to get yourself sorted.Good luck. Hal :pt1cable:
  3. From what I can tell this chassis can handle a ATX-Micro if you were to look at upgrading motherboards. Other than that it has an available PCIE x16 which limits what kind of GPU you can get for it, but you should be able to find something relatively cheap thats around the 1gb range.
    Here try this one
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