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I've been given some Intel 7140M CPUs to build a workstation server with but unfortunately there are no 4 processor motherboards supporting this chipset that have full PCI-Express x16. The closest I seem to get is an x16 slot using x8 lines.

Because of this, I am considering using two of the processors in a board such as:

I've had a tech from Intel confirm that the multiprocessor cpus can indeed be used in 2-way systems as long as the mainboard supports the related chipset.

I have a couple of questions.

First does anyone know of any brands other than Supermicro that make 2 processor Xeon mainboards that would support my Intel 7140M cpu?

Second, I had someone else tell me that the 7140M cpus are terrible, consume too much power and would be outperformed by a single Core2 Quad + P35/X38 mainboard. Any truth to this?

Finally, what type of case/chassis should I be looking at? Would it be viable to fit one of these boards in a regular case with upgraded cooling/power or should I really be considering a full blown server chassis such as this one:

Thanks in advance
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  1. yes for the price you will pay for PSU's, motherboards and ram designed for that cpu, it would be far cheaper, faster and more efficent to buy a Q6600+ based system - ebay the 7140M's and buy a Core 2 Quad system.
  2. Thank you for the reply, I'll see if I can do that

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