I have a seriouse problem

****edit*** I cant speel

I keep on wanting to upgrade my computer or build another. I am constantly cruising craigslist looking for parts. Shopping for parts. I dont need parts. My system is fine. Wifes computer could use an upgrade, and one for the kids would be nice, but thats it.

Example, I have run into a young man that needs money for college (I live in a town with a huge college) and he has a e6400 cpu, antec 900case, 2gigs of Ballistics memory etc. Prices are good. very good.

This is what bothers me. I have my current rig oc'ed, but my memory quality isnt the best, so I am wanting to upgrade to increase my oc. I also finding myself wanting 4gigs and move into Vista 64bit.

I dont need to. All I do on my computer is play some silly games, internet and email. While I work from home on the computer, all I use it for it those basic things.

I realize this is a ramble, but damn, I need help.
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  1. You get bored aren't you ?

    Do you know that you got a good rig already ?
  2. Your post utterly confuses me.
  3. no, I dont get bored, i do this **** to stop being board.

    Well, I made a deal to buy Crucial Ballistix 2GB DDR2 800 PC2-6400 RAM Memory for $70 from a different college student. She says its brand new and the package is unopened except the removal of the upc code. She says she got a deal on 4gigs, did the rebate thing but cant use all 4gigs.

    Now the other kid has asked for $350 fore the e6400, evga 680i mb, antec 900 case. I am going to see if he will throw in his 7600gtoc vid card for 75$. he claims the card and the cpu is new, the mb and case are 3mos old with receipt.
  4. Yes, I am sorry rgeist, your right.

    Ok, this is whats going through my mind.
    1. Wifes computer could use an upgrade. Its an AMD 64 3200+ at 2.2ghz with 1.5gigs of memory. It has an AGP slot and a x700pro vid card, but its lagging on the the sims game she plays.

    2 Wife computer would be great for the kids. Wife cannot stand anybody on her computer messing with it. I am ussually on mine, so kids will have a new one.

    3. This is where I am nuts. I want to improve my system. Its already good to excellent, but I want 4gigs, a 64bit os etc. But I dont have a need for it.

    With the parts I am getting for what I think is a decent deal, I can upgrade my case, memory and build a new computer.

    I am nuts.
  5. whoa, memory not a good deal. After rebates its only $50.....
  6. You could probably buy most of that stuff new for the same price if not cheaper.
  7. You have to be very careful when buying used parts, even if they are still in the factory packages. Without the UPC seal, you might not be able to register it and thus have a warrenty. Shop Newegg, etc for prices and compare, then you will have a better idea of what's a good deal and what isn't.

    As for the feeling of wanting to get Vista 64 and 4 gig of ram, I understand completely. That's what I'm in the process of doing. Its not nuts, its looking into the future and trying to move into that future. The timing of the jucmp is the only difficult part. So far, there hasn't been much advantage, but soon the advantages will become apparent. For myself, I'm also waiting for Phenom to come out so I can judge whether its worthwhile or not.

    Nothing nuts about wanting to improve a machine. Lots of us do that. Its what drives the industry as well, producing ever better parts to satisfy our cravings for more computer power.
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