Overclocking without raising voltage

I've been overclocking my computer, and have reached a moderate speed but WITHOUT any voltage raises at all. In fact, I could lower the cpu vcore significantly without any problems. Am I on crack here, or this possible?

GA-965P-DQ6 - F12j BIOS
FSB 266mhz stock voltage-> 324mhz stock voltage
E6600 2.4ghz 1.325V -> 2.916ghz 1.28125V
Corsair 2GB DDR2 800mhz 5-5-5-18 1.8V -> 810mhz 5-5-5-15 1.8V

Everything else was left at stock vcore (PCIe, Northbridge). The only thign thats been altered is the CPU, and that was to lower voltage.

I know this isn't the world's biggest OC, but shouldn't I have had to at least bump up the voltage slightly by now?
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  1. Have u run Orthos to test for stablility?
  2. As long as its stable in an Orthos or Prime95 test then its fine.
  3. ^ Agreed, if it is Orthos or Prime Stable (8Hours of testing) then well done seem to have yourself an excellent overclocker
  4. That's entirely possible. In fact, my Q6600 only uses 1.2650v for 3GHz, which is lower than your VID.
  5. Cool.

    I'm running Prime95 at the moment. 5 Hrs and 40Mins without issues :)

    Home my luck keeps up.

    I'll prolly try lowering the voltage even more when i have time. Not that the CPUs running at 60*C+, but its summer here, so the ambient temp is like ~26-35*C.

    Dang, i know i can push this computer waaaay more, but my ram's severely limiting its potential.
  6. It's not really a surprise that most core2's will do 3.0 on stock voltage.
    Do you think the e6850 is a new micro-architecture? The slower chips
    are more or less intentionaly handicapped on purpose. This way you can get 10 chips out of the same design.
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