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I have a a 3800+ x2 cpu OC'd to 2.4ghz but it is not stable when i play World in Conflict. I've decided to clock it down to stock so that it won't restart while I'm in the middle of the game. If I clock it down should I use my extra 1gig of ddr675 along with my 2gig of ddr800 or should i dump the 1gig and keep the 2 gig and raise the CPU to 2.2ghz?

Thanks for the advice.
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  3. Thanks for the response,
    (now, not to sound like an *******)

    I am not in the position to upgrade any of my equipment. To paraphrase, I wanted to know if I should clock the processor at 2.2ghz and pop in the other 1gig of ram to get me at a total of 3g OR keep the settings I have now with 2gigs of ram and find a way to get the processor at 2.4ghz stable.
  4. More memory.
  5. It's also possible that you have a PSU problem. One sign of a PSU problem is instability under heavy CPU/graphics load.
  6. Does it matter that the 2gigs is ddr2 800mhz and the 1gig is 675mhz. Would this screw up clocking the processor?

    P.S. jsc: I'm looking into getting a better PSU; I have the Cool Master 500W PSU and someone before has mentioned that it isn't a reliable PSU; the processor gets to 65C before it restarts, it could be a fail-safe for the processor or MB since I've heard that AMDs start to melt at that temperature.
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