Please Help 8800 GT SSC wont start... Please

This is my story, I received my 8800 GT SSC from EVGa after like a month of ordering it. Well of course I put it in the PCI-E 16x Slot, and the fan runs really high but nothing never comes on my monitor...

I Am running a Analog out of the monitor to a DVI (VGA to DVI adapter) to the SSC
It works with my 8500 GT no problems, but when I plug that SSC in nothing goes to the monitor
The fan spins like crazy and there are not boot beeps..
I have a dual rail 12V's and I am barely running anything inside my case..

Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know :(

My Specs are
A8N-SLI SE / s939 3800+X2
3 GIG DDR 400 mhz
Ultra / X-Finity / 600-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm Fan / SATA-Ready / SLI Ready / Titanium / Power Supply for my powersupply
19 WideScreen I-INC

Im so confused help please!!
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  1. What drivers are you using? You may want to delete and redownload drivers
  2. Can drivers really stop from the bios posting?
    I have 163.75
    but ive never heard of a card not working because of drivers..
  3. Anyone??

    There has to be a simple explanation to this?
  4. or its something else.. but could be that..

    Any more suggestions before I do RMA?
  5. Is my powersupply too weak?
    Does my motherboard support it?

    Anyone I rather not do an RMA
  6. Did you connect the six pin power connector?
  7. Yup, it screams if you dont plug it in
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