780i + e8400 overclocking heat ok ?

Stock speeds i'm getting at idle according to CPUid around 39c ... 55c loads

At 3.6, 1600fsb its going around 48c and loads maxed at 70c running ... Can i trust these temps and take this as my heatsink might need to be reseated ? .... or is this normal for this chip ?

I'm running the evga 780i board with 2x2g g.skill ddr 800 which is running linked to the cpu speed ... no issues .. just temp concerns ... Arctic silver 5 and on top of that is the xigmatik 120mm heatsink/fan ....

Should temps be lower?

I know 70c is on the warm side, but again .. its during load ... I just don't wanna burn up my chip quite yet .. i'm even thinking of going water cooling if this problem keeps up ... i'm in an office with no windows in my basement/gaming room ... Smilidon case, plenty of fans ...
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  1. my temps havent got over 55c under load im doing 7x 400 not touching the vcore 3.6 . and that with a stock cooler

    btw e8400 as well on a p35 board
  2. blah, it must need to be reseated ... The 4 pin push in system for these heatsinks is a damn joke ...
  3. if you're using the stock cooler those temps could be expected. at 4Ghz I had those temps with a TRUE so I just backed off to 3.6GHz and it was a million times more stable and a lot cooler (35C/45C)
  4. naa, i'm using the xigmatek 1283 120mm heatsink/fan ..... at 3.6ghz it was reading 48-50c idles and 70-72c during gaming .... i turned it back down till i have a momment to pull it off and reseat it ....
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