Solutions for abnormal icons of local disk drives

the icon of my local disk drive E is changed from normal to a icon of a folder it is not opening on double click event of mouse but on right click+open. please give me a solution iam afraid whether it is a virus or any other problem
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  1. how about explorer option...
    click the folders icon or press Window Key + E

    did you able to browse your D drive in explorer mode..

    also go tools menu in windows explorer ->folderoption->view
    the select show hiddenfiles
    uncheck hide extensions for known file types
    uncheck hide protected OS files

    then go to windows explorer browse your D drive and look for any hidden virus file
    in it..

    you can also use wirrar to browse you D drive, it will shows all the files including hidden & virus files...

    what about antivirus package..

    get avira & malware bytes & scan you pc..
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