If I use 2 GB GOLD XTC OCZ ram with 2 GB OCZ SLIs would it be better than using the 2 GB OCZ SLIs alone???
SHould I just take out the GOLD XTCs and use the SLIs only?? OR should I keep both of them in?

THank you!
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  1. Why would you upgrade ram to similar one? Perhaps, keep an eye on the new AM2+ boards.
  2. Because it was cheeper and I need to be able to alt tab out of programs and quick and have alot of programs like azureus running in the background
  3. I thought you were replacing the ram. You're adding more. So your best bet is to get the exact same ram even if it costs a bit more. You're guaranteed a working pair. If you throw in the SLI ram, it will work after some tweaking in bios. Give it a bit more joice in vdimm. That'll be 4x1GB.

    Ah, it's AM2. So overclocking the new ram will take some time. I'd still get the exact same.
  4. How about links to both sets of RAM
  5. L1qu1d said:
    That site has little info so I went to OCZ.
    The SLI RAM timings are 4-4-4-15.
    The Gold RAM timings are 5-5-5-12.

    The SLI has better timings than the Gold. If you use both you will be limited to the slowest timings. Lower numbers are better.
  6. I can overclock the Gold lol I already made the gold into 4-4-4-15.
    I just put those links so you can see the model not for the background information lol

    So what if I put the OCZ gold to 4-4-4-12 would that be a good option?
  7. Set it and run memtest86+ and find out.
  8. Set it to 4-4-4-12???
  9. I was of the understanding that the tRAS needed to be withing 1 of the sum of the first 3. on other words 4+4+4=12 so 11 -13. The Gold flies in the face of that, 5+5+5=15 so 14-16 and yet they call out 12. So yeah, set it for 12 and run Memtest86. All that can happen is that the machine crashes and you reset the ram.
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