Moving Email files from Entourage 2008 to MS outook 2010

So here's my issue. I'm helping an acquaintance move files off her dead Macbook to her new Windows 7 Laptop.

The main thing she's concerned with (and the biggest thorn) is her E-Mail. I had read beforehand that Entourage is compatible with the PST Filetype, So i told her, Yeah, No problem. Turns out it only exports in PST, not writes the files natively.

Basically what i'm dealing with is 4 files with the filetype "File" in Windows 7. all retrieved from the "Main Identity" folder.

Database, Mailing lists, Rules and Signatures.

I can't find any options to import these filetypes into Office 2010 and i'm pretty sure the generic "File" extension is wrong, so i've not a clue what these files are at the moment.

Any help is appreciated in this matter. I'd like to use free software if necessary but since we have no other way to convert the files, Paid software isn't out of the question.

Thanks in advance for all your input!
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  1. Found out a buddy of mine knows somebody who has a mac and this software installed, so i'll pursue that route.

    If an admin wants to close this thread, that would be fine.
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