A8N5X - Removing a PCI-E video card

I'm trying to remove a PCI-E video card from my mobo but broke the plastic clip thing at the end. No matter how hard I pull, the video card won't budge. Does anyone know how the locking mechanism works and how I can get my video card out?
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  1. How did you break the plastic clip? The plastic clip should be pushed to one side so the card can come out.
  2. catch 22. if you could see the PCIe connector, you could remove
    the card. but, to see the connector, you ALMOST need to
    remove the motherboard from the case.

    i haven't studied the clip, but i know what you mean, you
    sort of have to "jimmy" the card to remove it, even with AGP.

    if you could look at someone else' A8N5X, or any motherboard
    with a similar PCIe connector, you could manipulate the broken
    plastic piece so it'll let the card go loose.

    a dentist's mirror (good thing to have in a toolbox), or some other
    small-mirror-held-at-an-angle kind of tool would be helpful.
  3. also check to make sure the card is not still held to the case with a screw, becasue if the clip is broken it should come right out.
    i realy see no reaon for the clip there except to let you know when your card is seated in the slot. a little force is maybe needed, not too much.
  4. u need 2 stick anothor clip 2 d connector if u can see it
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