n00b question about q6600 overclocking


I recently lucked out and got a Q6600 machine, but its a straight off the shelf type machine... The processor is a Q6600 Family: 6 Model: F Stepping B Ext. Family: 6 Ext. Model: F Revision G0. The board is a Intel Desktop board (DG33FB) --- yes, sad i know. and the memory is cheap Transcend RAM...


a) is there any way of overclocking this setup (dont see any options in bios for this)
b) with the crappy ram, is there any hope of achieving anything close to a decent overclock?

thanks in advance
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  1. Double check your bios, and check it well. If you have an Award bios ctrl+F1 unlocks special options.

    Your the only person that would know if you can O/C your own PC. You'll rarely, if ever find, two exact configurations in a PC. If someone even has the slightest change from your configuration, I.E. the PSU's a different brand, it could change the way the PC O/C's. The best way find your PC's potential is read the O/C tutorial and try for yourself. the worst that could happen is you'll have to reset your Cmos a few times.

    If you double check your Bios and find nothing. RMclock is a nice software based utility to O/C your CPU.

    Hope that helps. :D
  2. Thanks...

    yep. checked the BIOS, and there are no OC settings... suppose Intel boards dont really have that feature.

    anyways, took a look at RMClock, and it looks like it can throttle my CPU down, but i dont see anywhere i can overclock it... must be looking in the wrong place.

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