140 cfm help XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 ?

hey i am looking at a XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 to overclock my q6600 g0. I was thinking of replacing the stock fan with something like this http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/de12trblhisp.html
i was wondering how much this would bring down my temps and if it would help me obtain a higher oc.
btw noise doesn't matter
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  1. That's hard to answer. My guess would be around 5C, but that really depends.
  2. ok, that would definitely be worth it for me then. thanks a bunch.
    any other suggestions for fans? a lot of those deltas look good, and so does a scythe ultra kraze
  3. I think the Scythe Ultra Kraze would be better, unless you need more than 110cfm or whatever.

    You're not gonna get this one? http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/de12tfexhisp.html :pt1cable:
  4. lol im actually tempted, however 30 watts? lol that seems like a bit much
    do you know of anyone who has tried lapping this hsf?
    i wonder what results they got
  5. so has anyone ever tried lapping a XIGMATEK HDT-S1283?
    it would be interesting
  6. that is heat pipe you talk about, do you know how thin that wall is? one tiny crack, the heat pipe become useless.
  7. bob8701 said:
    that is heat pipe you talk about, do you know how thin that wall is? one tiny crack, the heat pipe become useless.

    Haha, I have no clue how thin the wall is but lapping heat pipes doesn't sound like a good idea regardless. Well...it is fairly cheap...screw it...lap that bad boy but make sure to post video of it so that we can see what happens when you lap through a heat pipe wall. :ange:
  8. the liquid inside the pipe is very little, so even you broken the pipe, the nake eye can not tell the different.
  9. Well, I'm sure you can lap it just a little. :)
  10. lol a faster fan would do pretty much nothing. when i change my S963's fan from low to high the temps stay the same! :lol:

    (i like resurrecting googled threads :D)
  11. This is a useless necro....wth?
  12. he's saying a faster fan would be better, but with my fan going from slow to high yields no performance benefits so..
  13. "(i like resurrecting googled threads :D) "

    This is also from March. there a real reason y u brought it up?
  14. there is?
  15. ffs why is my thread resurrected?
    im so confused
    and btw venom higher airflow does in fact help. my friend went from the stock fan to a 90 cfm fan and i believe it dropped his temps by about 3c's
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