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Hi guys,
My name is Claudiu and I have a "small" problem. I'm replacing my old PC and have made a configuration on my own. The thing is, I'm not all that sure that it all fits together so I kind of need some expert help. I'm going to post the system config. I made and will wait for your opinions. The total price of the config. hovers around 1.400$, so try to keep your advices regarding better parts or new ones within that limit. Also, if you have the time and think you can do a better job at configuring an AMD PC, please do so and PM me with the config or post here..I'm kind terrible at this but enjoy gaming very much and also, spent a faire amount of time saving for this so please try to keep the price of the whole thing within 1.400$ Thank you! :D

Motherboard: Abit KN9 Ultra socket AM2 chipset NVIDIA MCP55-Ultra single chip, HTT 1000, PCIe X16, dual DDR2 800, ATA133, 6x SATA 2, RAID 5, LAN Gigabit, sunet 7.1, Silent OTES

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ socket AM2 Windsor BOX

HDD: Seagate 160GB 8M cache SERIAL ATA-II (300MB) 7200rpm with NCQ (Native Command Queuing)

DVD-RW: Pioneer DVR-112BK black SuperMulti DVD+/-R 18x, DVD+/-RW 8x6x, DVD+/-R9 10x DL, DVD-ROM 16x, DVD-RAM write/read 12x, CD-R/CDRW/CD-ROM 40x32x40 ATAPI bulk


RAM: Kitt Geil Black Dragon 4 x 1GB, DDR2, 800MHz

Power source: Sursa CHIEFTEC 500W, 12cm fan, PFC , retail , dual 12V

Video card:BFG Tech GeForce 8800 GT OC 512MB

I want to know if they are compatible to eachother and also if they can be upgraded somehow. Is the motherboard ok for the 8800 gt? is the chipset alright? Is the power requirement ok in comparison to the usage? etc..I really need help since starting next week I'm going to begin the "hunt" for parts :P Thanks a lot!!

P.S. - I'm really confused..tried to ask for advice but the answers I got made me more frustrated about the whole thing and more weary about this endeavor..I really want to make a good PC and enjoy it as soon as possible without any more headaches..Please, please help! :(
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  1. Hi Claudiu and welcome to the forums mate:)

    If u only want AMD CPU, then thats a very solid build. however change your PSU definitely , get Corsair 520 or higher or OCZ GAMEXSTREAM 600 or higher
    Also that motherboard will have no problems handling that 8800GT
  2. You could perhaps go for a bigger hard drive with 16mb cache, and a better psu, but the system is good in terms of cpu and graphics card.
  3. The parts are compatible with one another. I too suggest you get a better power supply with at least 425W 28A on +12v rails in tier 1 or 2:

    If I were you, I would wait 2 more weeks for Phenom to come out. It's a new AM2+ cpu with 4 cores. The pricing is not official. The date should be Nov 19.
  4. Thank you..for the advice and warm welcome..I posted somewhere else and only got replyes that made me wonder about the config..The guys over there told me that it would be a waste to get AMD and that Intel could handle it better..I was so frustrated..You gave me some inner peace with your posts :P ..So the only thing I have to change is the PSU? I'll see what I can do about that..
  5. Yeah, don't cheap out on the PSU. It can really damage your system or just cause random problems (shutdowns, reboots, etc) that are very hard to troubleshoot.

    As for AMD vs. Intel. Yeah, Intel is faster w/ their chips. Will you notice it in everyday use? Probably not. I use an AMD, and I have nothing bad to say about it so far.
  6. I was wondering about games..I'm a gamer..LOVE all I need to know is if it will run faster while I'm playing..that's the only thing I want to know..and off course, if it will perform as expected and if it will last.. :D
  7. updated my build..New one can be found at ...You can see the new build there..also, it is an Intel build as I understood that it by far outperforms the AMD one..thank you and leave a comment there to if you please :D
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