RUNDLL Error loading c:\windows\system32\jutizowl.cll

How do I get rid of this error message. And does anyone know what application "jutizowl.cll" goes with?

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  1. It's malware, and it's probably dll
    Update each program before you run it.
  2. Hi jgp2012,

    Try what graywolf suggests first and likely your problem will be solved. I suspect that you are getting this error because your antivirus/spyware program has already nailed the actual virus. However, often registry entries for the virus are left behind and 'complain' on the next computer restart.

    If the programs graywolf suggest don't remove this error, then you can use the system registry editor (Click Start->Run-> and type regedit and click OK button.

    This will open the Registry Editor. Be real careful in here, as a wrong move could render your computer unusable.

    Make a backup of the Registry first. Go to File and then Export. Give the backup file a name and then click the Save button. Now that precautions have been taken.
    Use the Edit option on the menu and then select Find
    Type in the jutizowl.dll name and click the Find Next Button
    Delete any instances of this name that you find. Search more than once, until no further instances are found.
    Close the Registry Editor.
    Restart the computer.
    The error should be gone.

    Remember though, graywolf's instructions are the safer route and should solve the problem for you. Try that one first.

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