Intel C2D E6750 vs. AMD X2 5600+


I am planning on purchasing a processor in the near future. I am not looking for next gen performance or anything. Anyways, I was debating between the E6750 and the 5600. Note that the 5600+ appears to be cheaper. So, my question to you:

If I am gaming, browsing the internet, and editing photos while never *ever* planning on a OC, which one do you think would be better?

I am honestly leaning towards the AMD CPU because it is cheaper. While I realize, you get what you pay for, I don't think the the AMD CPU will take to much of a performance hit compared to the E6750.

Not to mention, that you would think the AMD would be faster as it is clocked higher. AMD(2.8Ghz) and Intel(2.66Ghz)

Thank you,
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  1. I would choose E6750. Higher bus, less heat.
    I can understand that on some cases AMD wins or vice versa. But atm, i'm just leaning into Intel. If someday AMD hold the crown, i would change my mind.
  2. Ok, thank you for the advice.

    From a strictly performance view, what on the AMd side would equal a E6750?
  3. If AMD has the higher clock from your sample. Surely AMD is faster. for me they have both the same speed on the same clock but AMD is cheaper procie and cheaper motherboards to build plus you can use that extra cash for more upgrades.

    The extra heat from AMD Athlon is negligible since it has higher tolerance limit than Intel procie (10C higher). The power comsumption well to me also negligible because procie consumes 10% of the total rig. Tom's has more article about that.
  4. A comparable AMD processor to the E6750 would be the X2 6400+. Unfortunatly, the X2 6400+ is not listed on the cpu comparison chart.....

    edit: Clock speed comparisons are not reliable for comparisons because of the different achitectures the chips are based on. Core 2 processors do not need as high a clock frequency as the X2s. opposite of the way it was in the P4 era.
  5. Here's a link to a review at anandtech that might help you decide which one to get. I'd get even the e6550, which is about the same performance as the 5600+
  6. The days of judging performance by ghz have been over for more than 2 years now. A core 2 duo benchmarks across the board an average of about 15% faster than an AMD X2 running at the same clock speed. Go here.
  7. anandtech says "Our brief comparison between AMD and Intel at the $180 price point continues to illustrate how it's not architecture, but pricing that can actually determine a recommendation at this point. While AMD is still competing using its original K8 architecture, its pricing is such that its CPUs can easily stand up to Intel at price points less than $300. "
  8. Agreed with lghtmup98, the only AMD proc that equals the E6750 is the 6400+. And Im not sure on the price comparison there.. but the E6750 is much faster than the 5600+.
  9. MSI P6N Platium OEM - 80 bucks
    E4400 2ghz OC @ 3ghz - 125 bucks
    A-Data DDR2 800 2gb 4CL - 60 bucks

    $265 = pretty decent rig, whether its AMD or Intel.

    Just do you shopping... look around, check out reviews. I think the best interest is what you can do for yourself, not for a company sake.
  10. thank you all for your quick and informative replies. I have looked at some benchmarks and pricings and I think I might have to go with the AMD 6000+. I do realize that in many benchmarks these came in slower than the intel ones, but I am working on quite a tight price point. The fact of the matter is that I can build an AMD system for cheaper.

    The price in the intel CPUs is so small that it doesn't really make a difference which one I go with. to me it appears that -- in most games -- the difference will be neligeble(spelling) because the FPS is mostly above 100.

    On that note, can anyone point me to a link that might suggest a good variety of AM2 mobos?
  11. If you are working on a tight budget, put you're money where you will get the most use out of it. If the system is for gaming, cheapen up the processor and put more into the video card. If it is for photo/multimedia editing, put more into the processor.
  12. If you are willing to OC you can get a $170 E6550 and it will be the same or better as the EE6750(at stock).
  13. Go with the e6750. Faster out of the box, and I think that it will cause you to get a mobo with better upgrade path.
  14. E6750!!
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