Was ABOUT to buy the 680i! Now 2nd Thoughts for the 780i!

Hey peeps!

I was just ABOUT to buy the EVGA 680i because the specs were awesome but now, i have had 2nd thoughts because the 780i apparently is AWESOME! And is really good for OC'ing which i am hoping to do allot :D! And i don't like it if i can't achieve because i didn't pay a bit more to splash out on a 780i motherboard! So guys, what can YOU come up with? Good 780i Motherboard, suggestions please! Thank you.
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  1. hehe, 680i sucks! I just grabbed a 780i and hopefully I can just take my raid array and swap since they would both be nividia stripes. The 680i I have, p5n32-e sli blows! FSB of 320 or higher wont post at all!!!!
    Get the 780i, if anything.

  2. Sorry, bit of a noob, what is FSB? I knowit's Front-Side-Bus, but what does it actually do? Do i need it to get a Q6600 to a 3.4Ghz clock?
  3. Yeah, you'll need it alright, hehe. Did you decide on a board yet? Or do you have one for this processor? I am prolly the wrong guy to explain FSB, technically! But its speed is linked to your ram and processor, and you'll need to modify it to get to higher speeds. If you were to raise your front side bus up without changing anything else, it would raise the speed of your ram and processor. If you unlink it from the ram, you can enter them different.
    But I am the wrong guy to ask! I wanna know if you get a 780i and what you do with it! I just got one a few hours ago, they were sold out all the way to the display, which I got, after making sure I still had the 30 days to completely return it, if something is wrong. Came with no cables, but I have all those.I do know that 368 FSB with yer q6600 is 3.61!! Cheap p5ke, who woulda though.
    Keep me posted!!

  4. Hey man! Yep, i'm going for the XFX nForce 780i, hmm.....i'm first going to do a good read up on FSB speeds, to help me understand! But overall is XFX a good company? And what do you think for £153 for the 780i from Dabs? good price?
  5. Seems like an excellent price, Overclockers r selling the same board for like 187.99 incl VAT

    Not quite sure why its so much more expensive!!!



    check it out, dont think theres any diff between the two, surely there must b a reason for the massive price diff?
  6. It's the exact same :sweat:.

    I think OcUK are being a BIT to greedy :D

  7. LOL, maybe, but I had the choice of evga or xfx, xfx was 30 bucks more... Supposedly they "did further testing" with memory and such, and have better support. But not from what I saw of their site! Not much info on the boards since they are new. I still have to pop out this 680i and swap it out! But I am lazy!!

    I will do it sometime today, I just hope I wont need a re isnatll of winblows due to whatever! I have to admit that I am surprised that it doesnt have native 1066 support. (Although it "supports" up to 1200, so that must be 1066 OCd. How odd that they would list it as an attempt to sell sli enabled ram, which just stores "oc" profiles that are known to work. (or higher/lower speeds and timings.) Nothing you cant set in the bios though!

  8. If you don't know what FSB is, consider reading more on OCing before actually OCing.
  9. Heh... 2.75 gigs of 4?? Lets see if I can change that, or thats one strike for this Board.

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