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I'm having an issue with Windows XP Pro, where it does an autologo onto the administrator account, instead of a user account I made.

Any idea how to fix it, so it use the user account to logon instead of the administrator account?

I did all the Windows update and then it decided I needed to choose an account at every startup to login, so I used control userpasswords2 to stop that, but then it chose the administrator account to autologon as, instead of the user account I made.

The administrator account is just the default one created by Windows XP and I do not wish to remove it/alter it.
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    Try the Autologon feature in TweakUI.

    You'll also like the other shortcuts in there. They make registry changes without having to access the registry.
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  3. The discussion is closed but may be this autologon article would be helpful for readers. :D
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