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Proposed security & backup regime 2

November 2, 2012 6:16:33 AM


This post is a follow on from an earlier, recent thread:

Subsequent closer examination of Idrive backup indicates the possibility to set up for exclusion of selected files or folders from backup.

This I think might alter the final procedure I utilise, but I thought that I would ask here for some guidance.

While my initial plan was to maintain private encryption with use of Truecrypt, I am not sure how this Idrive file/folder exclusion function usually shows itself.

My questions are:

i) Would it be ‘wise’ to place all relevant material for encryption in the one folder, & title it ‘encryption material’? If I did this, then I could actually then clearly see the encryption material set for exclusion on the screen showing excluded material.

ii) If I did i), is anyone able to tell me how this then would or might work with Truecrypt?

iii) or would it be better to actually create such an encryption folder in another separate drive eg. E?

iv) re. questions ii) & iii) I wonder if the Truecrypt folder is kept on one’s hard drive? If not, where?