120 & 80mm Case Fans - Need Suggestions

Decided I want to add a 120mm case fan to my new system and also grab a pair of new 80mm fans for my old system in the interest of making it a bit quieter (currently using some $1.99 cheap junk specials). Looking for fans that will have a bit above average air flow, but for reasonable prices. I had looked at the Scythe S-Flex fans, but wasn't sure I wanted to shell out $20 for one fan. The 120mm will be for outtake, the 80mms will be one outtake, one intake. I'm not looking for the cheap stuff, but I'm also not interested in paying high prices for the best out there. I just need some fans that will do a good job moving air and will be decently quiet, for a reasonable price/performance ratio. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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  1. Other Scythe fans are really good too. Try their other two lines. I have an S-Flex in my machine and I love it, but I think the other models by Scythe are also excellent. Yate Loon is another top-tier brand. Those can be had for ~$9 each, so they aren't near as bad as the S-Flex and Noctua fans. Try this website, it's selection of cooling equipment is much better than Newegg:


    If I had to choose a couple they would be:

    Scythe "SLIP STREAM" 120mm Case Fan" 1200 rpm Quiet Case Fan - Medium Speed - $10
    (Scythe reduced the center area of the fan for more crossectional area for air flow)

    Scythe "KAMA PWM" 120mm Case Fan - $10
    (Great PWM fan, if your situation warrants it and supports it - MUCH quieter than standard fans)

    Yate Loon 120mm Medium Speed Silent Case Fan - D12SM-12 - $9

    Scythe "DF series" 80mm Super Silent Fan - M Speed- $7

    BTW, the words you're looking for are intake and exhaust.
  2. As far as 80mm fans go, I highly recommend Vantec's fans. I have four of these in my case and they run so very quiet and move a decent amount of air; more, even, than the much louder 80mm fans that came stock on my Raidmax Smilodon. Here's a link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811999602

    While you can buy these at newegg for 7.50, I bought a couple off of ebay for about 3 bucks apiece.
  3. Secondary suggestion: get high-output fans from a quality manufacturer (Scythe, Silverstone, Yate Loon, Noctua) and buy a fan controller, that way you can adjust the speed to your auditory liking, and also have the headroom for higher output if you need it.
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