1333 fsb cpu and 1066 epp memory

I heard that the 1333 fsb cpu and 1066 epp memory will not be compatible to one another or any memory that needs overclocking to that speed (1066). Anything with epp/sli will not be supported by the X38 ddr2 mobo (GIGABYTE DQ6 X38). Is this true or not ? The mobo doesn't say it is supported....
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  1. X38 doesn't support SLI.
  2. Is this mean I need to find a memory that has native speed of 1066 mhz (NO OVERCLOCKING)...
  3. It's what the mainboard specs. Surely it's not only support 1066 RAM, but 800 and 667 as well (you can look into gigabyte website and on memory support list).

    So you are not obliged to install a 1066 RAM on it, you can install 800 and 667 RAM too.
  4. is it not better if I get a 1066 mhz ram ? Is it not true, even if I end up having a cpu with 1600 fsb the ram I will need is 800 mhz..

    400 cpu / 400 dram 1:1 ratio then why the mobo will ask for 1066
  5. 1333 FSB uses DDR2 667 in a 1:1 ratio. DDR2 1066 RAM is overkill, unless you want a serious OC, but it will work depending on the mobo compatibility. First choose a mobo and then go on the manufacturers site and look at the Qualified Vendor List for compatible RAM. DDR2 800 will give you a 25% OC. 1666/1333 = 1.2498
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